These Three Starting Words Help Me Consistently Beat Quordle

Sai Ramachandran
3 min readJul 19, 2023
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I used to suck at Quordle.

So sucky that I’d often found myself having to pick the fourth word out of two, on occasion three 😬, viable options.

They say leaderboards and gamification make the world go round.

While Quordle doesn’t have a Leaderboard, my high school WhatsApp group had that one goddamn Shakespeare who would make it a point to post his results first thing in the morning, probably mid-poop.

After a few weeks of this, sufficiently enraged, I resolved to do something about it.

I mean, this cut rate Shakespeare was making me question whether I even deserved to write on Medium any more.

Optimizing My Quordle

So, here is what I did.

Like any good Indian kid, I looked at sample questions… err practice games.

I studied the play strategies of people who obsessively think about this stuff.

I started keeping track of words which had appeared before and had taken a bit of work to figure out.

Eventually, I worked out a plan of action.

  1. I needed a set of opening words. Like a chess master, I’d always open each game the same way.



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