FrEDD: Front End Driven Development

What if, as you designed and nailed down your View layer, your Model emerged from it, fully formed?

Sai Ramachandran


Say you are building an online bookshelf to show your friends what you are reading. I know you can just reuse Goodreads but stay with me.

So you are building an online bookshelf. You want it to simply show the book jacket, the name of the book, its author(s), and how many pages it has.

Implementing the Model

Given these requirements, implementing a Model becomes quite simple. You decide to go for the most trivial implementation imaginable and use a big JSON file containing an array of your books, each entry containing the following fields — name , jacket_image_url , author_names , page_count .

Great. You know what you model is going to look like.

Recall, for a moment, your workflow. You wanted to build a beautiful online bookshelf but the first thing you did was to figure out the model.

But it doesn’t end here.

CRUD Support

Now that the Model has been nailed down, you still have some questions to answer about how to will manage updates to the JSON.

Broadly, here’s where you are right now:

  1. Create — for the initial cut of the JSON, you decide to hand generate the array objects, export to .json, and upload it to…



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