ChatGPT for Teams

How to think about OpenAI’s latest offering

Sai Ramachandran


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Earlier today, OpenAI launched ChatGPT for Teams — their effort at becoming the AI substrate for enterprise teams.

Before I discuss the implications, the gotchas, and alternatives to ChatGPT For Teams, lets get the basic facts out of the way.


$25 per user / month billed annually OR $30 per user / month billed monthly.


— Access to GPT-4 with 32K context window
— Tools like DALL·E 3, GPT-4 with Vision, Browsing, Advanced Data Analysis — with higher message caps
— No training on your business data or conversations
— Secure workspace for your team
— Create and share custom GPTs with your workspace
— Admin console for workspace and team management
— Early access to new features and improvements

Key Takeaways

Do Not Pay Rack Rate

ChatGPT For Teams is pricier than a Google Workspace (~$12/user/month), pricier than Zoom (~$13.99/month), at par with SalesForce (also $25/user/month).

For cost sensitive small businesses, their pricing puts ChatGPT For Teams out of reach.

Of course, at this price point, instead of paying the rack rate, you should call their sales rep who will somehow be able to wrangle you a “special” discounted price which will make you feel good for having negotiated a better pricing model for your business.

Chat Is Too Basic

As a collaboration tool, chat is too basic.

Having MVP-ed team chats for, I can tell you that the Chat interface imposes too much cognitive load on users to be effective.

You have to context switch to ChatGPT, interact with the AI, then switch back to whatever you were doing before.

There needs to be a much less intrusive way to use the AI.

Compare what OpenAI is offering with a tool like Grammarly — Grammarly chirps up when it sees you using wrong grammar but…



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